Our Services

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Are being delivered face-to-face, online , over the telephone and via video link. You can also use our e-consult service by clicking on the banner above.

Phone Lines 

Are busier, therefore please persevere if it takes a longer time to answer or you need to redial. Our busiest periods are between 8am and 10am, if your problem will wait, please try after these times. You may be asked to discuss your condition with our reception team first, to assess what will be most appropriate for you and which member of the healthcare team is best placed to help you. Please be reassured of your confidentiality at all times.

Home Visits 

Are available for the truly housebound and should be requested before 11.00am. We also have access to district nurses, community matron, specialist community nurses and social prescribing link workers who can all help to advise and support you. 

Routine Clinics 

We have continued to provide care for patients with long-term conditions, such as Asthma, COPD, Diabetes and Epilepsy. Cervical smears will continue to be carried out, as will baby immunisations.